For New Patients

Welcome to Barefoot Doctor, and thank you for choosing us!  The following will help your first visit be a great experience and will familiarize you with what to expect during your first visit.

You may schedule yourself online as a new or returning client:

Clinic Hours

Monday   9-1pm, 4-8pm
Tuesday   4-8pm
Wednesday 4-8pm
Thursday  9-1pm
Friday   3-7pm
Saturday   9-1pm

Community Setting

Within our clinic, we treat in a community setting.  This is different than what you may have experienced if you’ve already received acupuncture in a private setting, but don’t worry!  We’re pretty sure you’ll love community acupuncture, and it’s just as effective (if not more so)!  In the group setting, your health concerns are still confidential, as we are mindful of how we speak about conditions while in the treatment room (you are always welcome to communicate by email or phone ahead of time, if you prefer). During the course of your first visit, we’ll go over your forms in the front office, and an individual treatment plan will be discussed so that you may learn how to get the best results from your acupuncture treatment. After our chat, you’ll grab a chair and receive your first treatment!

* Because treatments are in process constantly during open hours, we appreciate you entering quietly, and speaking quietly in the waiting area.  If no one is up front when you come in, we’re with patients and will be up shortly! If you haven’t filled out paperwork yet, clipboards with forms are on the desk. *

The Treatment

The treatment room consists of six zero-gravity recliners (so comfy!).  There are cubbies in the treatment area where patients leave bags, and remove socks and shoes.  Don’t forget to turn phone ringers off!  We play soothing music, but you’re welcome to listen to music of your own with headphones as long, as it’s not disruptive to your neighbors.  We do have one table in a small adjacent room for those who have difficulty with the chairs, or if it is deemed necessary for treatment efficacy. Because points are primarily used below the knees and elbows, you will not be undressed, but it does help to wear clothing that makes these areas easily accessible (skinny jeans / pants aren’t ideal). If you’re coming from work, you're welcome to bring a change of clothes.

How Acupuncture Feels: “The Schpiel”

The needles are tiny, about the size of a hair, so they’re not like most needles you’ve encountered.  We put them in a tiny guide tube, which you’ll feel when it's gently pressed down on the acupuncture point we are treating, and you will feel the needle as it is tapped in.  You may feel nothing, or you may feel different sensations like tingling, a dull pressure, a dull ache, or warmth.  These are all very normal and are a good sign that your body is reacting in a helpful way to the treatment. You may sometimes feel a tiny prick just as the needle is inserted, but this feeling will go away almost immediately.  If at any point a needle feels uncomfortable, please do let us know so that it can be removed or adjusted. Once all of your needles are placed, we ask you lie quietly for at least 20 - 30 minutes, in order to give the treatment time to work. We also let people rest for longer periods of time and will check back to see when / if you feel more alert and energized (a sign that your treatment is done).  You may feel deeply relaxed during your treatment, and people often fall asleep! Always let us know if you have any time constraints, so that we can get you out on time.


intake Forms

We require each new patient to fill out two intake forms prior to your first treatment. In order to save time in the office, you may download, print, and fill out these forms before the time of your visit. If you do not have access to a printer, you may arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to complete your intake forms.

Health History Form - This form will provide the acupuncturist with detailed information about your health, and specifically the reasons for your visit.  Please print and fill out this form in preparation for your first visit. 

Informed Consent - Please print and sign this form in preparation for your first visit.


Sliding Scale Payment

Our clinic uses a sliding scale fee to make acupuncture affordable to our patients.  The sliding scale fee per visit is $20 - $40. Your first treatment requires an additional initial treatment fee of $10, so your first payment will be $30 - $50.  Payment is preferred in check or cash.

In order to keep cash payment amounts private, there are small envelopes on the front desk that you will write your name on, place payment in, and drop in the lock box. Checks can be dropped in the box without an envelope. It’s a great idea to take care of payment right as you walk in, since people are so deeply relaxed after acupuncture.



If you need to change or cancel an appointments, you may do so yourself, through the online scheduler.  We ask for a 24 hour notice of cancellation - appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour notice are charged a $15 fee, due at the next appointment.


gift cards

Gift cards can be purchased for any number of treatments at any of our sliding scale rates. For the holidays, we offer special gift cards.

Amount of Treatments
Preferred Delivery
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