“Eight years ago I injured my back.  For the first year doctors gave me anti-inflammatories and pain medications… when they finally did an MRI they found that I had shattered a disc - I had two surgeries which offered no relief.  I then learned that I had suffered a lot of nerve damage due to the initial damage to the disc, and multiple medical opinions later I was told that there was nothing more that could be done, that I should stay on the medications, and see a counselor.  Then I started receiving acupuncture at the Barefoot Doctor Clinic.  Within 3 treatments the leg and back pain had decreased and were more bearable.  Because of the sliding scale, I can afford treatments although I have been unable to work due to the injury.  I can’t thank Jen enough!”

- Rich

“It looks like I won’t be needing to come in any time soon for fertility issues. I’m finally pregnant!!  Thanks so much for all of your care … I enjoyed coming in every week. I found the whole acupuncture process to be so relaxing and truly believe I benefited from it. I hear acupuncture is a wonderful addition to prenatal care as well so you may see me back in soon!”

- Alexis

“I suffered from insomnia for several years and tried various remedies with little success. I was completely miserable and couldn’t think clearly. After my first treatment at the Barefoot Doctor I experienced immediate relief. It was amazing – I became myself again once my sleep was restored. Jen is very gentle and the environment is relaxing. I highly recommend her!”

- Sue

“For 9 years, I’ve been dealing with digestive issues. At first, the doctors misdiagnosed me with IBS; however, a few years back going through numerous tests, it was discovered I have Crohn’s disease. I was placed on medication and had to severely restrict my diet. My condition worsened and my doctor wanted to put me on steroids, for which I was adamant to find an alternative treatment.. I decided to try acupuncture.  I’ve been going to the Barefoot Doctor for a year now. The treatment was very effective and has successfully gotten my condition to stabilize and go into remission. I was given a combination of Chinese herbs as well as the acupuncture treatment and within a few months I started to feel much better. I am still taking my medication prescribed by my doctor; however, I never had to take the dreaded steroids for which I am very happy! I highly recommend the Barefoot Doctor!”

- Fauzia


“I was injured 12 years ago in a gas explosion.  Not only my back was injured but I have hand problems and leg problems as well.  I started treatment with Jen at Barefoot Doctor Clinic and immediately found relief.  I haven’t been able to stand up straight for 12 years until my first acupuncture treatment.  I’ve seen Chiropractors, had facet joint blocks, and all kinds of stuff done to my back to avoid surgery.  I was totally amazed that Jen helped me because nothing in the past has helped me.  Honestly, I was a little afraid to have acupuncture because I’m not a needle fan and again was amazed that it didn’t hurt.  Take it from someone who has suffered for 12 years and give it one shot and I bet you will have the same wonderful relief that I have!  Thanks Jen!”

- Margie


"I was afraid to try acupuncture because I knew it would require multiple sessions to really see all of the desired results and at a private acupuncture studio that could cost a fortune!  I was so happy to find an affordable option with Jenny of the Barefoot Doctor Community Acupuncture Clinic after reading so many glowing yelp reviews.  They have a sliding scale payment with no income verification.  There is also online booking which makes things so easy!  I was able to get in for my first visit within a few hours same day.  The overall atmosphere is very relaxed and casual which is one of my favorite things about this clinic. As for results of the acupuncture, I did feel a general sense of wellbeing afterwards for a few days.  I am hoping to achieve more mental wellbeing, along with clearing some chronic eczema.  I will update with results after receiving acupuncture for a longer period.  My husband was having issues with his plantar fasciitis (sharp foot pain) for a short while before our visit and it cleared up for an entire week.  I'm sure with continued acupuncture it could be cleared entirely.  We plan to continue going as often as we have time!"

- Chelsey


"Jenny is a miracle worker!  I started going to her with chronic migraines and really bad allergies a few months ago.  She has made life bearable again.  I urge you to give this a shot! ...  She is super chill."

- Chrissy


"Jenny is the best! I love coming in for treatments. They make me feel so grounded. I am never rushed and always feel comfortable. Jenny always takes the time to listen to my issues and provide support. I highly recommend!"

- Natalie


"Exceeded my expectation. Jenny is amazing and very instinctive to your needs. I sprained my knee badly and tore my MCL. I needed pain management and she delivered. Very serene atmosphere as well. Highly recommend it!"

- Ella


"I initially went to Jenny for treatment for sever back ache. The acupuncture treatments were a total success. The treatment room is very comfortable and relaxing. You never feel rushed, and Jenny remembers the details of why you are there. She is very knowledgeable about her field."

- Sid


"I just started acupuncture after a friend who lives in Brooklyn told me about the community acupuncture model that is less expensive than private acupuncture. I have visited Jenny twice and have enjoyed each session! The environment is very warm, welcoming, and relaxing. I recommend this option for someone who is looking into trying acupuncture but is not able to pay a high fee for each visit."

- Emily


"I started treatment here 2 years ago. Easy to schedule and no rush once you are turned into a porcupine. Migraines, sinus issues, sciatica all kept at bay."

- Jack


"I've been coming here for years, and I recommend it highly. Jenny is a smart, soothing practitioner and makes everyone feel welcome. After a recent car accident where I smashed my hand into the steering wheel, my doctor was not much help. Jenny was. I was a little doubtful, but the pain relief was immediate and substantial. If you haven't yet tried acupuncture for pain, I suggest you give it a shot. At Jenny's sliding-scale prices, you can afford to try."

- Susan


"I love getting acupuncture and I love getting acupuncture from Jenny at Barefoot! It just feels really accessible. She sits with you your first visit and gets an idea of what you are hoping to get out of acupuncture and explains the process. It's easy to make appointments and the sliding scale is really nice. I would highly recommend to anyone but especially first timers of acupuncture."

- Corinne


"I wasn't so sure about community acupuncture at first. Now, I 100% love it over having a semi or private session (elsewhere). Jenny's clinic is a sanctuary. I have had acupuncture treatments done by 5 different practitioners over the last 2 or so years. Jenny and her space are the best I've had. She's warm, down-to-earth, takes the time to get to know you and has a gentle touch. I'm a strong advocate for acu (and practices that get your Qi flowing and unblocked-- which is a very strong physical sensation once you recognize what "it" is). Appointment scheduling is a breeze- she even does walk-ins ( I'd schedule online just in case though), and once you are there she will literally let you stay for hours. The sliding fee scale is the best, too. LOVE IT!!!!!"

- Liz


"A friend recommended Jenny after I was having severe neck pain (probably from sleeping wrong). I was a little skeptical at first, but the acupuncture was really helpful for that. Also, amazingly I am having the best (non-symptomatic) allergy season in my life. The sliding scale is great - I wouldn't be able to go otherwise. I was anxious about the process at first, but was really put at ease, and find my time the most relaxing of my week."

- Moira


"The Barefoot Doctor Community Acupuncture Clinic has been one of the most positive experiences in my life here in philly/fishtown. At the urging of my girlfriend I went along a year ago, a little bit nervous about all the general things you'd be nervous about. Did it hurt? No. Was I exposed in some way due to the "community" aspect? Absolutely not. Was it sanitary? Completely! Fear not, those of you wary of acupuncture! Jenny is an absolute professional and the clinic, as I mentioned, has made me feel way more balanced physically and emotionally! It's a soothing space, a place to heal and recover from daily life!"

- Giaco


"Jenny is wonderful! She takes time to get to know her patients and always is there with a kind ear.  The sliding price scale is a great way for people to take advantage of a natural treatment that works really well...works wonders for my migraines. Thanks Jenny!"

- Jackie


"This was my first time trying acupuncture, looking for something to prevent migraines instead of just treating them as they occurred.  After five weeks of twice weekly treatments, I'm seeing noticeable results. I'm having fewer migraines, and the ones I have are less severe and easier to treat. I like the community aspect, it doesn't feel exposed. And, the space is very calming.  Jenny is wonderful, she listens and is genuinely interested in making sure the treatment is working for you."

- Martha


"Jenny is a wonderful, intuitive healer.  The community atmosphere (and pricing) make it something that almost anyone can try once.  They won't regret it.  I leave every time with the weight of the world off of my shoulders."

- KJ


"I have suffered from migraines since I was 7 years old. I was looking for a more natural way to relieve them. I started seeing Jenny at Barefoot Doctor about a month ago and I am nearly headache free. If I do get a headache they are pretty easy to get  rid of. Jenny really enjoys what she does and it shows. The sliding pay scale is a great way for everyone to enjoy the benefits-of acupuncture.   Thanks Jenny!"

- Christi


"Love this place. So relaxing and, I swear, my daughter was born on her due date because I got acupuncture a few days before she was due."

- Ellen


"I heard about Barefoot Acupuncture Clinic through my Kensington Community Food Co-op membership. I didn't have a specific reason for going and that was my first time ever trying it (last fall), but thought I'd focus on my wrist pain for a while since I sit at a computer all day (and scooped ice cream for many years as a teen). After a few visits, I noticed a difference, a lessening of the pain when I would try to open jars, etc. Jenny and Erica are very patient and helpful. The sliding scale is a great idea, especially since it's in Fishtown, a somewhat transitioning neighborhood. The clinic (which is a funny word, now that I say it, since the place is a rowhome refinished) is beautiful - a very light and open feeling. If you've never gone to acupuncture before, the space is open/shared, so you'll be in a room with 4 or 5 other people. The chairs are pretty comfortable (I always fall asleep). It's a pretty incredible type of medicine and I wish more people would believe in it."

- Holly


"What a lovely experience. I discovered this place by accident. Just wandered in not expecting too much. Actually the whole idea of community acupuncture didn't really appeal to me. How wrong you can be. I was placed in my own little world and I can't even tell you how relaxed I was when I left. I wish it was closer to me. If you live in the vicinity take advantage of this wonderful place"

- Catherine


"Jenny is the owner of this business and she is very sweet. Initially I contacted her to interview her for my Temple University Journalism course. She was very polite and welcoming. I observed her for a couple of hours with patients and she is very attentive and professional. During my visit I decided to receive an Acupuncture treatment for my back and ankle problems. She explained step by step what she was doing and why. She answered all of my questions. After speaking to her current and former patients they all rave about her treatments. The interior design of the clinic is so chic and modern. she will make you feel at home. The background music is soothing, I feel asleep during my session!"

- V


"Amazing concept, well executed! Thank you Barefoot Doctor for making acupuncture affordable and accessible.  You will change many people's lives for the better."

 - Scott


"I visited the Barefoot Doctor searching for help with my chronic tension headaches. I have experienced more relief through Jenny's Community Clinic treatments than I have in the past with massages, physical therapy, healing yoga and prescribed medication. The atmosphere is calming and the community aspect is inspiring. Jenny is patient and generous with her time and advice. If you have pain, come see Jenny and let your healing begin."

- Kristin


"I've been meaning to write this review for years. I first starting seeing Jenny at Barefoot Doctor while I was pregnant. The clinic is really lovely - very serene and while before going I thought that perhaps the group setting would be strange, I was really surprised to find it is completely comfortable and you really don't even notice the others there at all. The lights are dim, there is music, the chairs recline, and they are spaced apart so you feel quite alone. Plus, the group setting is what makes it affordable (sliding scale), affordable enough to go weekly, if I were more organized.  Towards the end of my pregnancy (and I mean the end, like a few days before giving birth), Jenny helped get my body in gear. More recently, I saw her for a stuffed nose/sinus thing that wouldn't go away. It was amazing - my nose cleared soon after (better than taking a Benadryl).  I'd recommend this place for chronic as well as acute conditions and even for getting tuned up/preventative care.  Oh, and I just found out you can schedule on-line (which I like because I really detest the phone). The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I love this place!"

- PK


"I have just begun going for acupuncture, but I can say after three sessions, my headache is much better. I have had a headache for two straight weeks after surgery. My first treatment, my headache got a little worse, but the next day I felt great! Plus it was the first night in a long time I slept through the night and awoke rested.  I still suffer from minor headaches and tension, but not continuously as I was. Jenny is great, she really listens and ask a lot of questions to really get to the bottom of the problem. I was scared at first, but it's nothing. Feels like a small pinch. I have recommended her to my friends and plan on continuing my sessions." 

- Deanna


"This place is wonderful.  I love the idea.  It makes this very healing treatment available to more people.  The clinic is lovely inside and very relaxing and I felt a big difference after my first treatment (for shoulder and neck pain after disk herniation).  Jenny is a talented practitioner and really gets to know your problem and symptoms in a detailed way.  I can't say enough good things about this place."

- Donna