zen shiatsu massage at barefoot


our shiatsu therapist, amanda

Amanda Holston is a healing artist and licensed massage therapist offering Zen Shiatsu in various locations around Philadelphia. With a background in movement therapy and years of education in theatre, Amanda brings a uniquely integrative approach to bodywork. To engage in bodywork is to nurture an ongoing relationship with yourself that allows you deeper understanding of your body, your heart, and what it means for you to heal. Each session with Amanda is an opportunity to relinquish your burdens in a safe space and to meet your present experience with a spirit of discovery. Amanda is grateful for the opportunity to expand her practice with the Barefoot Doctor community and looks forward to working with you all. Learn more about Amanda @ www.AmendMassage.com.

Amanda will be offering Zen Shiatsu on Thursdays and Sundays beginning in September.


about zen shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is an intuitive style of bodywork that originated in Japan through the lineage of Shizuto Masunaga. As with Acupuncture, Shiatsu seeks to bring balance & freer flow to the channels of energy coursing through the body. This work is done in comfortable clothes on a supportive mat on the floor, where there is room for stretching and movement. Working on the floor offers a firm depth of pressure and a deeply grounding experience. Zen Shiatsu is a uniquely nurturing, intimate meditation for both the giver and receiver.