April 6th, 2011 by admin
  • “Eight years ago I injured my back.  For the first year doctors gave me anti-inflammatories and pain medications… when they finally did an MRI they found that I had shattered a disc- I had two surgeries which offered no relief.  I then learned that I had suffered a lot of nerve damage due to the initial damage to the disc, and multiple medical opinions later I was told that there was nothing more that could be done, that I should stay on the medications, and see a counselor.  Then I started receiving acupuncture at the Barefoot Doctor Clinic.  Within 3 treatments the leg and back pain had decreased and were more bearable.  Because of the sliding scale, I can afford treatments although I have been unable to work due to the injury.  I can’t thank Jen enough!” ~ Rich
  • …”looks like I won’t be needing to come in any time soon for fertility issues. I’m finally pregnant!!  Thanks so much for all of your care…I enjoyed coming in every week. I found the whole acupuncture process to be so relaxing and truly believe I benefited from it. I hear acupuncture is a wonderful addition to prenatal care as well so you may see me back in soon!”~Alexis

  • “I suffered from insomnia for several years and tried various remedies with little success. I was completely miserable and couldn’t think clearly. After my first treatment at the Barefoot Doctor I experienced immediate relief. It was amazing – I became myself again once my sleep was restored. Jen is very gentle and the environment is relaxing. I highly recommend her!” ~Sue
  • “For 9 years I’ve been dealing with digestive issues. At first, the doctors misdiagnosed me with IBS; however, a few years back going through numerous tests, it was discovered I have Crohn’s disease. I was placed on medication and had to severely restrict my diet. My condition worsened and my doctor wanted to put me on steroids, for which I was adamant to find an alternative treatment.. I decided to try acupuncture.  I’ve been going to the Barefoot Doctor for a year now. The treatment was very effective and has successfully gotten my condition to stabilize and go into remission. I was given a combination of Chinese herbs as well as the acupuncture treatment and within a few months I started to feel much better. I am still taking my medication prescribed by my doctor; however, I never had to take the dreaded steroids for which I am very happy! I highly recommend the Barefoot Doctor!  Thanks!” ~Fauzia

  • “I was injured 12 years ago in a gas explosion.  Not only my back was injured but I have hand problems and leg problems as well.  I started treatment with Jen at Barefoot Doctor Clinic and immediately found relief.  I haven’t been able to stand up straight for 12 years until my first acupuncture treatment.  I’ve seen Chiropractors, had facet joint blocks, and all kinds of stuff done to my back to avoid surgery.  I was totally amazed that Jen helped me because nothing in the past has helped me.  Honestly, I was a little afraid to have acupuncture because I’m not a needle fan and again was amazed that it didn’t hurt.  Take it from someone who has suffered for 12 years and give it one shot and I bet you will have the same wonderful relief that I have!  Thanks Jen!”  ~Margie Gallagher